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Garrus. Best thing about about ME3 Y/Y?

No comment. )
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You know those days when you just feel like you can't do anything right? -.- Oh, FemShep. Why must you trouble me so?

Also, Mordin is awesome. That is all.

Few things in this world are as much fun as punching husks with the fist of an angry biotic god. )
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So, I planned on releasing a batch of the new default Fem!Shep first, but she's giving me issues. Kaidan, on the other hand, was all too happy to help. :3

I used to. )
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There's... no Garrus in this post? Shocking! 0.0
I bring you an awesome thief and the good doctor, instead.

Hah-hah! )
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How do I celebrate the holiday season? Put some wings on Garrus! :D Got Paragon and Renegade flavored for all your Garrus influences.

It's, ah. It's just Garrus to you. )


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