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There's... no Garrus in this post? Shocking! 0.0
I bring you an awesome thief and the good doctor, instead.

Hah-hah! )
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How do I celebrate the holiday season? Put some wings on Garrus! :D Got Paragon and Renegade flavored for all your Garrus influences.

It's, ah. It's just Garrus to you. )
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Bit by the icon bug. XD Also... why doesn't Garrus wear all black and a cape? Just askin'.

I love this rifle. )
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OMG I finished them. YAY! The SFX were a bitch. They're higher contrast than I normally prefer, but I think it works for this set. Thanks a lot bright, stupid fire ;.;

Enjoy 'em.

-Captain Obvious

Darkspawn go BOOM! )
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Yeah. You read that right. 124 Muthalovin' Varric icons. Fine dwarven chest hair included. And lots of Bianca. Crap, these took so long ;.; Anything to stay busy until March 8th, right? Right?

-Captain Obvious

Nothing so fanciful, I assure you. )


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