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Finally cleaned and optimized those Fenris caps. I've uploaded them to a gallery for anyone who wants to grab them.

Set 1 (598 images)Set 2 (525 images)Set 3 (153 images)
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Bit by the icon bug. XD Also... why doesn't Garrus wear all black and a cape? Just askin'.

I love this rifle. )
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So, this is the first batch of... I don't know. More. I've got 10 gigs of Fenris caps on my drive. No, I'm not obsessed. Why do you ask?

Broody Babies )
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I know this batch is so much smaller than the usual DA2 set, and being that this is Isabela's to boot, I am shamed. Really sorry, everyone. A combination of way too dark lighting, an unholy amount of blood spatters, and my shoddy skills pretty much doomed every single scene apart from this one. I tried, but in the end just couldn't manage it.

Fortunately, the few I did end up with? Probably my favorite yet. And, er, not just cause a kick ass pirate lady with pretty daggers is in them. Though it's mostly that. Yeah.

Oh, balls. )
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OMG I finished them. YAY! The SFX were a bitch. They're higher contrast than I normally prefer, but I think it works for this set. Thanks a lot bright, stupid fire ;.;

Enjoy 'em.

-Captain Obvious

Darkspawn go BOOM! )


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