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I wasn't sure I'd post the bulk of the Alistair icons, and even now I'm wondering if it's a good idea. When I was capping, I wanted to try a different sort of background, but the choice of location for the Ostagar set kind of bit me in the ass. They came out looking more like paintings with some sort of abstract texture background. Not the look I was going for. However, I don't want to throw out my 8th batch, so I'm biting the bullet in case someone out there wants 'em.

I really like the way the Morrigan set came out, though. That was a pleasent surprise.

I'm still working on a Zevran set. Keep an eye out for it. Maybe more Alistair, because I want another crack at him.

Okay. That sounded bad.

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Bit by the icon bug. XD Also... why doesn't Garrus wear all black and a cape? Just askin'.

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So, this is the first batch of... I don't know. More. I've got 10 gigs of Fenris caps on my drive. No, I'm not obsessed. Why do you ask?

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I know this batch is so much smaller than the usual DA2 set, and being that this is Isabela's to boot, I am shamed. Really sorry, everyone. A combination of way too dark lighting, an unholy amount of blood spatters, and my shoddy skills pretty much doomed every single scene apart from this one. I tried, but in the end just couldn't manage it.

Fortunately, the few I did end up with? Probably my favorite yet. And, er, not just cause a kick ass pirate lady with pretty daggers is in them. Though it's mostly that. Yeah.

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OMG I finished them. YAY! The SFX were a bitch. They're higher contrast than I normally prefer, but I think it works for this set. Thanks a lot bright, stupid fire ;.;

Enjoy 'em.

-Captain Obvious

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